Merge Social Networking Application for Deaf and Dumb Community

Let’s Merge, We hear you!

Merge, online social networking application created to connect those with hearing impairments with hearing enabled people in order to build a more integrated society

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Our Mission

To empower the hearing impaired to overcome the obstacles which prevent them from making a valuable contribution to the development, growth and success of our society.

Our Vision

To create a fully integrated society, regardless of disability or impairment & to empower individuals to achieve their ambitions and contribute to every corner of our society, by the year 2030.

Merge App

Merge utilizes the power of cutting-edge technology in order to provide an unparalleled form of communication, between hard-of-hearing people and other individuals.

How It Works

Merge allows hard-of-hearing people to access a 24/7 video call language interpreter service that provides sign language interpretation between the individual and a third party.



Interpreter on the Go!

The App translates the conversation to a third party via video call.



Assistant Interpreter!

The App provides an on-demand assistant to hard-of-hearing people anywhere.


Call Center Interpreter!

An integrated Video Call goes directly to the Interpreter call center agent.




24/7 access to
effective & efficient interpreters


IOS & Android


One-click contacting


Pay as you Go


Confidential Data Protection and secured payment


QR code scanner integration

Where to use Merge App?

Merge App is designed to provide effective communication for the deaf and hard-of-hearing people in daily life and can be used in a number of places including

All Ministries,  Governmental & Private Institutions


Hospitals & Clinics

Malls, Restaurants, Cafes & Entertainment Venues

Hotels, Airports & Tourism places

Customer service call centers

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